Automation and planning for a successful post COVID-19 transition

Every facility has been impacted by the pandemic to different degrees, as our industry is facing difficult challenges. This is valuable opportunity to assess and plan for the return to the new normalcy.

Some of the questions to think about for a safe and efficient plant:

  • Will there be social distancing requirements within your facility?
  • Will you be able to recall the same skilled people? How much effort will need to be applied to Training?
  • Will you be able to keep up with demand?

At Haffner Machinery, we’re here to support you. We can help your business come out stronger on the other end, by partnering with you to develop innovative solutions.

  • Providing social distancing through automatic processes, reducing the number of people working within close proximity.
    • For example. Our new FAC-100 Frame Assembly System will assemble window frames with multiple mullions in minutes with one operator. This replace 4 people in close proximity.
  • Combining one single operator on a CNC fabrication center, rather than having multiple individuals operating separate machinery for cutting/punching/drilling.

Isn’t this worth starting a conversation now?

Speak with Stephen Kucer, Mechanical Engineer, 25 years’ experience plant manager, factory owner, fenestration manufacturing professional.
Call 888-423-3671 or email

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A Sharper Way to Work- The TT-series Saws

Good, Better, Best – TT-405, TT-425, TT-450

How big are your profiles? How many Pieces do you need to cut per hour?

Call or send us your profile specification, our experienced Engineer, Stephen Kucer, will provide the machine recommendation for you.

Read the technical specification TT-405, TT-425, TT-450

Discuss all your fenestration machinery needs, fabrication cost and capacity issues with President, Stephen Kucer, Mech. Engineer, 25-years manufacturing experience, fabrication expert.

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Haffner Machinery Financing through Partner Capital Group

Are you looking to boost productivity but are hesitant to invest significant capital during these uncertain times?

Are you seeking to bolster your production pipeline but want to sustain healthy cash flow right now?

During these challenging times, it’s important to strategically allocate your capital.

We understand the relevance of having cash flow flexibility, so we’ve learned up with Partners Capital Group – to help you acquire Haffner Machinery through specialized equipment financing. You can free up cash flow and effectively invest your capital elsewhere. Rapid funding will allow you to quickly onboard Haffner Machinery to make this period as productive as possible.

Partners’ Capital Group has financed machinery for over 10,000 customers, from start-up business to fortune 500 companies through.

  • Direct lending from people who understand manufacturing – no bank involvement.
  • Full-service financing that includes. Equipment, start up, freight and installation expenses.
  • 0% financing programs.
  • Optional payment deferral for up to 6 months.
  • Providing an additional $50,000 for working capital.

Speak with Stephen Kucer, mechanical engineer, 25 years experience as plant manager, factory owner, expertise in fenestration.

Tel: 888-423-3671 or

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A Message on Covid-19 from your Haffner North America Team

Our Haffner Machinery team of engineers, machine producers and experts remain dedicated to our customers and partners across the globe during this time of uncertainty. The glob spread of COVID-19 forces us to make adjustments not only in our personal lives, but in our business. This affects all of us in one way or another as we learn from a pandemic with this magnitude that most of us have never experienced in our lifetime. Our greatest achievement would be to come together from the micro level of individuals, to the macro level of communities or nations to do our part in eliminating further spread and overcoming COVID-19 once and for all.

We all understand the health impact, economic impact, hardship and changes this has placed on all of us. Fear of the unknown affects each of us differently, so most hold on to their beliefs or to hope in order to get through the day to day challenges. The great thing coming out of this pandemic is the unity of the human spirit as we continue to support one another throughout this time of social distancing.

Our Commitment

We believe that taking care of your health, your family and loved ones should come before profit. At Haffner, we will always remain dedicated to the human side of our partnerships.

  • We will keep an open dialogue, through the use of video conferences.
    Phone calls and any use of technology so that we can still work together as we adapt to unforeseeable changes.
  • We are unsure as to how long COVID-19 will last, but we will continue to do our due diligence by following the news, heeding medical advice and government initiatives so that we stay informed and do our part to help correct this.
  • We are committed to working with our customers to provide personalized packages that reflect your business reality, and you are still able to benefit from new, innovative machinery that will help production efficiency, with less labor but increased throughputs.

Our factory is operational at reduced levels to comply with safety measures and we are here for you. Now is the time for us to help you plan, so that you’re ready when it comes time for your production lines to start back up at full capacity.

We want to thank all of you for entrusting Haffner Machinery with your equipment needs and your continued loyalty. We wish you all the best in health, and we remain optimistic that we will get through this!

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