Formed by the efficient combination of KD 658/20 Four Head Welding Machine, CK 188 Buffer Station, CK 176 Automatic Turning Station and CN 776 CNC corner cleaning machine in one production unit.

Welded frame or sash is automatically transferred to the corner cleaning machine with all the data about the profile.

All phases of the operation from loading of the profiles to the welding and corner cleaning process up to the unloading of the frames or sashes are controlled by computer.

CN 776 Corner Cleaning Machine can start cleaning the corners while the Four Head Welding Machine starts the welding process

Computer controlled triple handle drilling and espagnolette canal millin is processed while the frame or sash is cooling at the buffer station

CK 176 Automatic Turning Station turns the frame or sash at an appropriate speed related with the size and provides four corners to be cleaned.

Profile identification informations is automatically transferred from the welding machine.

Durable and precision movement of axis due to hardened rack and zero backlash gearboxes used in the gear system.

By online connection to the entire system, remote detection of malfunctions and maintenance is available.

The rails are specially coated to prevent corrosion

Central lubrication system eases maintenance

CK 188 Buffer Cooling Station:

  • Cooling station which transfers the welded frames or sashes from four head welding machine to turning station for corner cleaning
  • Waiting time for cooling is controlled by the computer of the welding machine
  • Computer controlled triple handle drilling and espagnolette canal milling

CK 176  Turning Station:

  • Works integrated with CN 776 CNC Corner Cleaning Machine
  • Automatically transfers the frame or sash and postions the corner to be processed one by one into the corner cleaning machine
  • Two undertable transporters and robot clamping system enables faster operation
  • Transports the processed frame or sash to the off loading area

Wish this machine was a little different? As a custom manufacture we can have any parameter of this machine customized to fit your need. Simply contact us with your requests!

  • Barcode reader
  • Gasket pressing system
  • Automatic 0,2 mm and 1,2 mm welding seam restriction setting